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Facebook is used by millions so it's easy to understand why it has become so popular... The streamlined interface is making it easier for businesses to reach potential customers.   more →

Why Facebook Seems Crucial for Growing Companies

Facebook, the final frontier

Facebook, a new frontier in personal web-space, is used by millions every day and always growing. It has become a popular marketing tool for huge companies and small businesses alike. It’s as mainstream as coca-cola so it’s easy to understand why companies with or without websites use Facebook as a tool to reach potential customers.

However just like Myspace and other online community “fads” before it, Facebook truly limits you from seeing any actual contact information from your users. In a way this is extremely limiting for a growing business — you are only aloud to reach out to your Facebook customers via Facebook. This won’t be a problem as long as Facebook is free and remains popular among your audience.

Here at Expand, we still urge our clients to focus primarily on their own website for many reasons. The main reason is that eventually Facebook will fade away and your website may seem empty and alone. Websites are being neglected for years simply because of the time spent on Facebook.

Many companies are in desperate need of generating customers via their website yet they are wasting golden opportunities to publish new content on their own website every day. Posting new blog entries on your own website instead of Facebook and building that organic growth will ultimately add valuable points to your website’s ranking in search engines like Google & Bing.

Much like Facebook, the websites we build are powered by an easy to use content management system which allows clients and users alike to post entries, comments, or even upload and display media files. Our custom built website solutions can be precisely tailored to fit a company’s needs rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Many clients ask us if we can push their new Facebook posts back to their company website? Our general response is to say, yes technically that is possible, however we feel the content you write should move in the other direction. We believe it’s better to publish your content on your own website first and merely syndicate or “tease” it outward toward Facebook & Twitter later. Therefore you bring customers from Facebook back toward your website and your business.

At Expand, the websites we build can be tailored to push your new personal website posts outward to Facebook automatically and ultimately direct users onward to a point of sale or back to the company website. From there, the possibilities are endless to reach your potential customers.

The best intergration might be simply mirroring everything that happens on your Facebook wall back onto your own website. It’s all possible now with the CMS database-powered dynamic websites and special plugins. Our websites can slurp comments from Facebook and automatically post them on your page with or without additional moderation. That way, you “own” and control the community that is growing on your website and you’ll earn valuable SEO points for your own website.

2014 UPDATE: Don’t say we didn’t warn you…
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